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Hi there, Aloha, Namaste, Salaam, Shalom, Om Shanti, Avexeni, jicMaylc.
My name is Dale Stubbart. I want to help you lead the way forward to a better world, individually, corporatively, collectively, spiritually, environmentally, through communication, and/or with computers.
I&';m a Consultant who specializes in the Deep Path & Deep Conversations, Deep Listening, Deep Answers. I&';m Intuitive, a Spiritual Mystic, the Author of 100+ books, an Electric Car Concierge, and deeply in touch with Nature. I&';m also a Computer Guru.
I like helping people. I prefer to help those who are helping others and the Earth.
Contact me. Let&';s see if we can work together to bring about a better world. Often that better world starts with you.

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There are various types of consulting firms. It doesn&';t matter what type of consulting firm you work for, the basics are still the same. In many ways, Consulting is similar to being employed at the Client. But, Consultants usually start each project with a new Client.
Solutions Galore
Solutions Galore
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Based on 60 yrs
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