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Hi there, Aloha, Namaste, Salaam, Shalom, Om Shanti, Avexeni, jicMaylc.
You want to do something to make the World a Better Place for all. I want to help you.
You have a sense of what that World will look like. It will be a better place for people, animals, plants, the ocean, others. It will also be a better place for you. You may have some idea of what you want to do to Transform this World. It&';s OK, if you don&';t.

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Transform / Transformation may sound like it&';s a big task. Yet, it&';s really what we want to do and what needs to be done. It can sound overwhelming, yet it usually unfolds in small steps. We only have to do what is ours to do. Others will take care of the rest.

My name is Dale Stubbart. I&';m here to help.

I help People, Environments, Computers, and Books be Transformed.

I work on Big and Small Projects with Individuals, Groups, Companies, Non-Profits, Governments.

1) Transform yourself
2) Transform the Earth
3) Live your Dreams

Transforming the World into a Better Place often begins by Transforming yourself. And that usually begins with finding out who you are. In my estimation most people never really know who they are. The best that most of us can do is understand what motivates us. We may be able to learn some reasons why we do what we do. We may get to know what&';s important to us.
As we start doing more of what we want to do, we start becoming more true to ourselves. The more we do this, the more we transform the World. It goes faster if we develop a plan. We might change that plan over time and that&';s OK. Your plan will help you see your way forward.
And when you put it all together, you start to live your dreams. That can go even faster when you bring in help, such as myself. And, why do this alone when you don&';t have to?

I&';m a Consultant. That means I help you figure out what you want to do and how to do it. I perform research and do the analysis so that you can make the best decisions. I share my wisdom which comes from experience, listening, and connection. And, I present you with ideas which are sometimes unique and innovative.
For example, in the case of transforming your yard, I work with you to figure out what you have in mind for transforming your yard. I may also work with your yard to figure out what it has in mind. Those desires usually overlap. I do the research and analysis. I share information and ideas with you. And, I help you develop a plan. Then, when you&';re ready, you either work the plan or you bring in a professional to help you work the plan.

Transformation is usually deep work. Figuring out who you are and what you want to do, is usually deep work. That doesn&';t mean it has to be long and hard. It just means that it can&';t be figured out, by using your mind. You have to listen to what&';s deep inside of you. You also have to listen to what&';s deep inside what you want to Transform. I have many skills. That is what I&';m best at &n-; listening and helping you hear what wants to happen.

We can do this together. It will make my day!

My Transformation Projects and Books
Projects: Transformation Coalition - once/week for one year - Transformation Consulting with me; once/month for one year - Transformation Consulting with the Group.

G/PG is Maturity Level followed by Reading Grade Level and Ease.

Consulting 101 - The Basics
Consulting 101
The Basics

G Rdng Lvl:7th Medium
There are various types of consulting firms. It doesn&';t matter what type of consulting firm you work for, the basics are still the same. In many ways, Consulting is similar to being employed at the Client. But, Consultants usually start each project with a new Client.
Solutions Galore
Solutions Galore
G Rdng Lvl:6th Easy
Based on 60 yrs
of solving problems
• Problems vs Solutions
• Where to start
• Assessments
• Strategies
• Approaches
• Solution Paths
• Techniques
• Teams
• Define Wrong
• Checkpoints
• Getting Unstuck
• Reusable
• Implementation
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