Dale Stubbart

The Ocean taught me to speak. But not until I listened to it deeply. My heart taught me to connect. But not until it was flooded with love. The Wind taught me the Deep Path. But not until I shared it with others.

What I do best is listen. Listening enables me to help you understand what is real for you, what your long-term plan and next steps might be. When I work with you, it&';s not about what others might do. It&';s about you would like to do. My answers are geared to who you are. If that sounds like the kind of help you&';re looking for,
My life consists of walks on the beach, embracing the waves. Deep talks with others. Shifting my focus so that I&';m once again in Paradise, once again embraced by Love. Following where the Wind is leading me. If that sounds like the life you&';d like to live,

Dale Stubbart
Transformation Consultant
Yellow Bear Journeys

Author of 100+ books

Come Home!

jicMaylc. That&';s a greeting from an ancient sailing language. It means, Wind&';s up! Let&';s go!
My name is Dale Stubbart. Some, call me Yellow Bear. He&';s the deeply connected version of myself.
This is my About page. Let me tell you about what I do. Maybe that will help you understand who I am.

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Dale Stubbart


Transformation Consulting

You might say that what I do is listen and analyze. I try to work both together. However, often enough, the answers come from just listening and letting our hearts be transformed; listening and allowing our hearts to accept the answers.
Transformation can be a simple change or a complete makeover. I don&';t transform people, I help them be transformed.
Transformation is deep work. It can also be fun. It&';s definitely fulfilling.

The best way to transform anything is to start by transforming ourselves. There are several ways we can transform ourselves, not all of them good. Some take a lot of work. I like to make things simple. They might still take work, but hopefully that work will be something we really want to do. And after some time, we end up in Paradise with a smile on our face. We finally arrive at a place where we feel at home, at ease, at peace.
People want to transform their environments. The first environment is that person or group or company or ..., though they may not realize that. Other environments include buildings, neighborhoods, gardens, forests, beaches, playgrounds, offices, sacred spaces, etc. Transforming these spaces, first requires listening to what we want want them to be. It also requires listening to what they are now, what they were in the past (in their height of glory), and what they want to become.
Many people want to write a book. What is the story you wish to tell? How does the story wish to be told? Transformation Consulting for a book starts with an idea or a desire. It ends with a book. Whether you publish that book is up to you. Whether you market it, is again up to you. I write books, many, many books &n-; Research, Humor, Romance, Children&';s, Fantasy, SciFi, etc., etc. I help others write their books and get them published.
I transform computer systems. A computer system here, refers to apps, data, websites, etc. I make them easier to use. Sometimes, that&';s more a matter of helping people understand them, rather than changing the computer system. Still, often, it requires lots of analyzing and enhancing of apps, data, and websites. Part of that enhancement might be making them perform better. When they perform better, they use less energy.

People, Environments, Books, and Computer Systems are the main four things that I help transform. If there&';s something else you&';d like to transform, let me know.

I&';m a Transformation Consultant. That means you contact me to help you figure out how to Transform things and to often perform some of that Transformation. I am not a Coach. I won&';t push you to meet goals or deadlines. With transformation, we usually need to be gentle with ourselves.
In my own life, I have a ToDo Calendar. It helps me schedule things. But I don&';t let it run my life. Yes, certain things have to be done on certain days, like putting out the trash. But, this Calendar is my Procrastination Calendar. It lets me let things slide if I&';m tired or if I just can&';t bring myself to do something on a certain day or if it&';s just not happening that day. This Calendar also lets me revise items or delete them entirely when that&';s what&';s happening. Life has a mind of its own. It&';s best when I also listen to its desires.

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