Are you feeling an Urgency to help make this world a better place?
Are you willing to let that change be as easy as it wants to be? Are you willing to let it seem almost Effortless?
How about yourself? Do you look forward to being Transformed as you transform the world?

Bring your network and join me in the creation of a Transformation Coalition! One year of hope, renewal, progress, and change. One year of real life, no matter where you&';re at on the journey.
Please help spread the word.

We want to change the world. Each person has their own unique way of doing that. Let me help each of you in your network find, explore, and focus in on their own.

For one year, each person will meet with me one-on-one, once per week. We&';ll talk. I&';ll listen and ask some questions. Together, we&';ll gain insights to help you put your next foot forward. I&';ll help you stay aligned with your values. There are a million things that you could do, each of them valuable. Yet, only a few are truly yours, only a few feel really authentic. It&';s OK to be involved in a few other things. But now is when we all need to focus on what we most desire to do, on those things that will bring us the most joy, on those ways in which we can best transform this world.
You and I will meet 48 times. Each session will be scheduled for an hour. If it runs a little over, that&';s OK. These will be zoom sessions or phone calls. Be prepared to take notes. During some of those meetings, things may come up for further research. You&';ll want to do your own research. I&';ll also provide a few hours of research and analysis. This is something that I do quickly and am very good at.

Once each month, we&';ll meet with others in the network who have also signed up to be part of the Transformation Coalition. You&';ll get to find out or better know what they&';re doing. You might find some synergies, gain and give hope, gain new insights.

Price depends on group size, but ranges between $2500 per person and $5000 per person. Included: 48 one-on-one sessions with me. 12 sessions with the entire group. Some Research and Analysis. Resources. Solutions Galore e-book. Another of my e-books of your choice.
Add-on options at additional rates: Extra research and analysis; Computer Help - could be research, education, organization help, help with website; Book writing help - could be help using Word, suggestions for what to do when you&';re stuck, editing, self-publishing & distribution help.
Interested? Dale Stubbart. Let me know who you are, how you want to make the world a better place, and why you want to join. Don&';t know all those answers? That&';s OK. That&';s what the Transformation Coalition is for. Let me know how many people you&';re bringing with you (your network). I&';ll let you know how and where to pay. We&';ll set up the schedule for the sessions. You&';ll let me know which e-book each person wants.

Please help spread the word. The more people who get involved, the more opportunities there are to make this world a better place for all.