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Books come in many styles. They&';re published on several types of media &n-; paperback, e-book, audiobook, etc. They fall into many categories, and if they&';re like most of mine, they fall into multiple categories. A book passes through many stages while being written. First, there&';s the idea. My mentor JJ Nugent said, Any idea can become a book. And he wrote several hundred. Then, there&';s writing it. Next, comes editing. Finally, there&';s publishing and distribution.

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The best way to write a book, IMHO, is to listen to what the story has to say. I&';ve written stories for many years. They were always excellent. But, they took on a whole new dimension after I let the story write itself through me. I still do research. I still have to fix plot holes. My first pass at writing a book is often condensed. I expand it on the next pass. Then, I have to listen to the story some more. What more should I include? Sometimes, the story doesn&';t come sequentially and I have to rearrange some bits. I also have to put on the finishing touches which are important to me.




I&';ve written 120+ books each one unique

Create includes getting the idea and writing the story or research information. I like to format as I write. Others save that for later or let the publishing company do that for them. This means formatting the page to the correct size and margins, choose the best fonts for text, title, and headings. Most ideas for books come to me as random thoughts or as dreams. My mentor would look at his day or week. Anything that happened was fair game to write about. Mostly he wrote about boating, his religion, his occupation. My best selling book started with an idea for the title &n-; The Wizard Without a Wand. My mind then asked, What would that be like. As I kept asking that question, the story revealed itself.

Correct involves editing. If you&';re heart just sank, . I only suggest edits. It&';s up to you whether you make them or not.
I edit in four phases. First, I go through the writing program&';s editor&';s suggestions. Next, I read the book, looking for places where I didn&';t break the paragraphs the way I want to. I&';m looking for long and/or convoluted sentences. I&';m looking for consistency, like perhaps always capitalizing Transformation. I&';m looking for places where it could be clearer who is being referred to. Next, I listen to the book being read. I let the computer read it to me, correcting as I go. Then I read it to my wife. Last, I look for spelling and grammar mistakes that I&';m fond of making. I may need to repeat these steps.

Circulate consists of publishing and distributing your book. I self-publish using Draft2Digital. They do the distribution for me. I use Amazon for AudioBooks. I use another company to distribute those. And, I put my books on a few other websites. All of that, plus keeping track of sales, requires a good amount of organizing. I can also help keep things organized.

We can do this together. Let&';s see what you can create!

My Book Projects and My Books
Seven Star Stories Excellent Books by Myself and Others
I write macros (shortcuts) in Microsoft Word. They make the process of creating, correcting, and circulating a book go more quickly and more smoothly. I refer to them as Writer&';s Friend.
Language Helps - Definitions, Synonyms, Translations, Foreign Letters, etc.

Books by Family, Friends, and Colleagues
Some of these stories are Romances &heart;.
G/PG is Maturity Level followed by Reading Grade Level and Ease.

Cora's Journals
Cora's Journals
My grandma&';s story
by my mother

G Rdng Lvl:7th Medium
I have often wondered about where my parents and grandparents lived, and something about their lives. So I will write a few things about my life in case someone would want to know when I am gone to meet my precious Oscar, the best friend I have ever had.
Jimmy: A Son of Pioneers on the Western Prairies
Jimmy: A Son of

by my father
G Rdng Lvl:7th Medium
Like most young fellows, Jimmy found escape in a daydream. He had been sitting in his desk at school watching the frost grow on the window next to his seat. It was fascinating. He could see the frost grow in various patterns when he breathed on the window.
Inside the Rainbow
Inside the Rainbow
Living in Alaska
by Sandy Sinclair
PG Rdng Lvl:7th Easy
Sandy and Marie taught school in Alaska before it was a state. This is the legacy of their wild adventure.
In addition to teaching, Sandy became a bush pilot. They also ran a fishing company and raced dog sleds. They were protected through it all, inside the rainbow.
My Boat, My Vacation

My Boat, My Vacation

Boating S Puget Sound
by James Nugent
James Nugent is my Self-Publishing mentor. He has published over 100 books. I&';m catching up.
James books include topics like Boating South Puget Sound, Social Jujitsu, Get your Kid to Move Out, Being Catholic, Teaching, Anger Management
Unleash, Unlearn, and Enliven

Unleash, Unlearn, and

Somatic Practices
Cristy De La Cruz
You are tired of living like your wellbeing doesn&';t matter. You want to be valued for your gifts and strengths. You want to work in ways that honor your cycles of energy, and the rhythms that work best for you. Here are seven micro practices to engage your Somatic Wisdom.
Murder at Sunset Lodge

Murder at Sunset

A Play
Eric Perkins
A cleverly written murder mystery with multiple options for endings, including two double twist alternative endings.
This two-act murder mystery blends lighthearted entertainment with a classic Who done it? second act.
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