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Language Helps.
This page will help you with Definitions, Synonyms, Etymology (Word Origin), Translations, and Rhymes.

Accented Letters shows you how to type certain accented letters. You can also copy and paste these letters. However, if you do that, you&';ll want to use Paste Special in Word or Outlook. Alternatively, you can use the Formatting Painter (paintbrush) to make that character look like your other characters.

Word Helps

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Accented Letters

Á→Ctrl+´+A or Alt+0193 | É→Ctrl+´+E or Alt+0201 | Í→Ctrl+´+I or Alt+0205 | Ó→Ctrl+´+O or Alt+211 | Ú→Ctrl+´+U or Alt+218 | Ý→Ctrl+´+Y or Alt+221
á→Ctrl+´+a or Alt+225 | é→Ctrl+´+e or Alt+0233 | í→Ctrl+&icute;+I or Alt+0237 | ó→Ctrl+´+o or Alt+243 | ú→Ctrl+´+u or Alt+250 | ý→Ctrl+´+y or Alt+253

À→Ctrl+`+A or Alt+0192 | È→Ctrl+`+E or Alt+0200 | Ì→Ctrl+`+I or Alt+0204 | Ò→Ctrl+`+O or Alt+210 | Ù→Ctrl+`+U or Alt+217
à→Ctrl+`+a or Alt+224 | è→Ctrl+`+e or Alt+0232 | ì→Ctrl+&icute;+I or Alt+0236 | ò→Ctrl+`+o or Alt+242 | ù→Ctrl+`+u or Alt+249

Â→Ctrl+¨+A or Alt+0194 | Ê→Ctrl+¨+E or Alt+0202 | Î→Ctrl+¨+I or Alt+0206 | Ô→Ctrl+¨+O or Alt+212 | Û→Ctrl+¨+U or Alt+219
â→Ctrl+¨+a or Alt+226 | ê→Ctrl+¨+e or Alt+0234 | î→Ctrl+&icute;+I or Alt+0238 | ô→Ctrl+¨+o or Alt+244 | û→Ctrl+¨+u or Alt+251

Ä→Ctrl+¨+A or Alt+0196 | Ë→Ctrl+¨+E or Alt+0204 | Ï→Ctrl+¨+I or Alt+0208 | Ö→Ctrl+¨+O or Alt+214 | Ü→Ctrl+¨+U or Alt+221
ä→Ctrl+¨+a or Alt+228 | ë→Ctrl+¨+e or Alt+0236 | ï→Ctrl+&icute;+I or Alt+0240 | ö→Ctrl+¨+o or Alt+246 | ü→Ctrl+¨+u or Alt+253

Ã→Ctrl+~+A or Alt+0195 | Ñ→Ctrl+~+N or Alt+0209 | Õ→Ctrl+~+O or Alt+213
ã→Ctrl+~+a or Alt+227 | ñ→Ctrl+&icute;+n or Alt+0241 | õ→Ctrl+~+o or Alt+245

Å→Alt+0197 | å→Alt+229

Å→Alt+0197 | å→Alt+229


Ç→Ctrl+,+C or Alt+199 | ç→Ctrl+,+c or Alt+231

¿→Alt+Ctrl+? or Alt+191 | ¡→Alt+Ctrl+! or Alt+161

Ā→Alt+0256 | Ē→Alt+0258 | Ī→Alt+0298 | Ō→Alt+0332 | Ū→Alt+0362
ā→Alt+0257 | ē→Alt+0259 | ī→Alt+0299 | ō→Alt+0333 | ū→Alt+0363

More Accented Letters Use Cut and Paste - may have to reformat.

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