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With Fantasies anything can happen and in my stories it often does. Cheer on these protagonists as they live their unimaginably real lives in their impossibly real worlds. Get ready to be surprised with delight.

These are my Fantasy Books. They may include romance &heart;, magic &y_magic;, parallel worlds &y_||world;, time travel &y_timetravel;, wee people &y_weeone;, family &y_family;.
Some are top sellers &y_top;. All are excellent, some are gems &y_gem;.

The Dancer
The Dancer
5 part series. Romance, Parallel Worlds, Magic
2, 3, 4, 5
G Avg Lvl:5th Very Easy
She was all alone, so she did what she always did &n-; she danced. She danced for joy, she danced for strength, she danced for sorrow, she danced for weariness. She danced because she didn&';t know what else to do.
She was all alone. They had all left her. A few at a time, they had left her. Even her own parents had left her. She had known they would leave, yet when they had all left and she was all alone, she couldn&';t believe it. She had hoped against hope that they wouldn&';t leave. She had lied to herself, telling herself that they would stay.
So, she danced. It was what she did. She was after all, The Dancer. At some point, she supposed, she should get something to eat. Yet even while she was eating she would dance.
of my Fantasy Books

Fantasy Books

These are my Fantasy Books. They may include romance &heart;, magic &y_magic;, parallel worlds &y_||world;, shapeshifters , time travel &y_timetravel;, wee people &y_weeone;, family &y_family;, psi Ψ, superheroes 𝕾. ᗆ indicates Young Adult. They may be scary &y_horror;. Some focus on one or more colors &y_palette;. Some are top sellers &y_top;. All are excellent, some are gems &y_gem;.
G/PG is Maturity Level followed by Reading Grade Level and Ease.

The Wizard Without a Wand
&y_timetravel; 🐲 🦖 &y_top; &y_gem;&y_family;
The Wizard
Without a Wand

10 book series
G Avg Lvl:5th Easy
Cast of Characters
Shmedley Thrumbledack&';s Parents were powerful Wizards. So everyone assumed that Shmedley would also be a powerful Wizard; everyone that is, except Shmedley. He had yet to be able to do the slightest magic. That was why his Parents were sending him to Wizard School. This particular School had a good reputation and claimed that even if you knew nothing about magic, they could make you a Wizard. You only had to put forth the proper amount of effort.
Dragon's Tears
Dragon&';s Tears
Is escape from the drug
den possible?
PG13 Rdng Lvl:5th Very Easy
Ronald slowly started to lift himself off his pallet. Then Ron smoothly, quickly lifted himself the rest of the way off the pallet, as Ronald lay back down. Ron walked up and out of the depths where Ronald was again sleeping and went off to find anything he could bring back.
Carena and The Other: White upon White
Carena and The
Other: White upon

PG13 Rdng Lvl:4th Very Easy
Carena was running across the field of snow. She held out her arms as she went, circling right, then left, then right again. Carena&';s friend was a white dove. Carena was also white, covered in her goose down and ermine fur coat. They were white creatures against the white snow.
The Gnarl
The Gnarl The Jim
O&';Leary&';s leave the
castle; Bears; Magic
G Rdng Lvl:6th Very Easy
The bear charged the door and bounced right off. On the other side of the door, the maid was leaning against the door, exuding love to it with all her might. The force of her love sealed the door securely. Nothing could get through. Not even a ramming bear. But the bear was persistent.
Graduation Day Ja Vu
Will this day never end?

PG13 Rdng Lvl:4th Very Easy
It was Graduation Day – the worst day of his life. Jeter would have to dress up in his monkey suit of a graduation gown. Somebody would almost likely steal his graduation cap. The worst part of today, was that Jeter would relive it over and over again. But he didn’t know that yet.
Held Tightly in her Claws
Held Tightly in her

Dykerk&';s Caretaker
G Rdng Lvl:4th Very Easy
Dykerk felt her claws tighten around him. He felt how strong they were. He felt how sharp they were. He knew that the creature which held him was not a bird. For one thing birds had talons. This creature had claws that felt as though they were made of the sharpest, strongest crystal.

My Lite-Horror Books &y_horror;
The Dzhardes: The Horror Beyond Hell
The Dzhardes:
The Horror
Beyond Hell
G Rdng Lvl:7th Medium
They say that some people would walk through Hell for love. But how many horrors would someone be willing to face for love? And why, oh why, would she travel to the home of the Dzhardes? They aren&';t even lovable! But she did! And believe it or not, so might you.
Spectral A Superhero
Goes Insane and the
World with him
PG Rdng Lvl:5th Very Easy
Ryan Davis travels through time making him immune to the Spectres from a parallel world who are driving people crazy. He becomes Spectral the Superhero until he too goes insane. Can he recover? Can he save the world before it&';s too late? Before the Spectres take over?
A Superhero who is
G Rdng Lvl:5th Easy
The Franchise&';s story of the Superhero named Invulnerable. What could be better than having a Superhero who has no vulnerabilities, who can rescue everyone? What could possibly go wrong? Also, learn about the Superheroes who come before and after Invulnerable.
The Third Path to $Wealth$
The Third Path to
I wouldn&';t
suggest taking it
PG13 Rdng Lvl:4th Very Easy
The first thing I remember is lying on the floor in a pool of blood. Skin was melting off of the ends of my fingers, my face was severely disfigured, several of my teeth were broken or missing. My clothing was in tatters, most of it having been ripped off. I had scrapes up and down my body.
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