Dale Stubbart

Spiritual Mystic

I&';m a Mystic at Home in the Sea of the Spiritual World.
I&';ll help you find your Peace, Passion, and Paradise.
I&';ll help you develop and enhance your relationship with the Loving Mystery.

This is not about you needing to do more or be better. This is about remembering your connection.
I am a Mystic. This means I try to share the mysteries of the Universe by describing the indescribable and explaining the inexplicable.

My Spiritual BooksSpiritual Transitions / Speaking Topics

Being a mystic grounds me. It helps me be a part of this world and a part of the spiritual world, without freaking out too much when the two seem opposed.
What answers your spiritual questions? What keeps you whole?

Spiritual Transitions

Spiritual Transitions are also called Spiritual Consulting or Soul Coaching. I may offer to interpret your dreams. But it&';s more likely that I&';ll guide and help you to interpret your own dreams. You are the one who will know the correct interpretation when you hear it. Spiritual Transitions are also about connecting with the deepest part of yourself, it&';s about relationship. So Relationship Consulting and Connection Coaching are related practices.

I offer deep spiritual practice through conversation, guided meditation, heart centered practices, breathing exercises, and questionnaires. I will help you find that place of peace. I will help you find your purpose and passion. Together, we will figure out what is Paradise for you and how you can get there.

If you&';re wanting to learn spiritual practices and practical methods to remember your connection, for Spiritual Consulting. I will help you remember how to live your spiritual life, the life you want to live.
If you&';re looking for spiritual refreshment and healing, I offer spiritual walks on the beach. I call them Yellow Bear Journeys. They&';re a special type of Spiritual Consulting.

Spiritual Sustainability Journaling

I can help you understand what&';s most inportant to you spiritually by listening to you and helping you sort it out. You may want to keep a journal or create a periodic report to see if you&';re investing your time where you want. This will also help you notice when things are changing for your sprititual life.

My Spiritual BooksSpiritual Transitions / Speaking Topics

Donations are accepted and greatly appreciated.
Rates for Spiritual Consulting are based on your Payment Style.

My Spiritual Books

The Actress is by my wife.
Some of my books are Mystical &n-; 𝓜 or contain Mystical Poetry &n-; 𝓜𝓟.
G/PG is Maturity Level followed by Reading Grade Level and Ease.

Our Seven Brains
Our Seven Brains
Unconditional Peace,
Love, Joy, ...
G Rdng Lvl:7th Medium
Some believe we think with our Brain. Some separate different types of thinking into different parts of the Brain. Some people suggest that we think with both our Brain and our Heart. Others suggest we think with both our Gut. I suggest thinking occurs in 7 areas of our bodies.
Yellow Bear
Yellow Bear
Whimsical Stories of
G Rdng Lvl:4th Very Easy
Yellow Bear was first invited into my life when a friend said to me, You&';ll be called Yellow Bear, because you&';ll go where the Wind blows. Then nothing happened for several years. One day Yellow Bear started showing up and we&';ve been best friends forever.
The Language of the Wind, Blueberry Juice for the Soul
The Language of the
Mystical Poems
& Stories
G Rdng Lvl:4th Very Easy
jicMaylc is the sound the Wind makes when it fills a sail. Since the Wind fills every sail differently, and since the Wind never fills any sail the same way twice, jicMaylc is pronounced differently every time it is said. The final c is usually unpronounced or breathed.
The Wind is Whispering, Whispering in your Ear
Stirrings; The Real You; The Void - Back Before the Beginning; Spring; Summer; Autumn; Winter; Song of the Wind; Overwhelm & Overflow; Why Not; The Door Opener Society; The Bear and the Tree; Rebirthing; Life Quadrupled; Dream Life; Flowetry
The Wind's on the Horizon, Just Over the Edge
White Water Journeys, Outer Wondrousness, Perihelion of Bliss, DreamScapes and Funnels, Rythms on the Brink, Inner Marvel, Tonic for the Heart, Approaching the Edge, Instilling the Edge, You Can&';t get Close than This, The Far Edge of the Horizon
Our Elemental Nature
Our Elemental Nature
Earth, Water, Fire,
Spirit, Sky, Love, Life
G Rdng Lvl:6th Easy
This book is not about chemical elements. I&';m going to offer my apologies for that up front, as I know that might be disappointing to a few of you. Rather, this book is about the basic elements which make up the Earth, which make up each of us, and everything.
The Actress
The Actress
A well ordered life
encounters a new script
G Rdng Lvl:3rd Very Easy
I have a wonderful life, the actress told her cat, and no reason to be frightened. Her cat, who was never frightened, for she took good care that it would not be frightened, looked back at her and then yawned. Am I so boring? she said. Tig jumped up on the script of the new play.
The Train to the Forgotten Shires
The Train to the
Forgotten Shires

A Beginnings Story
G Rdng Lvl:5th Easy
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In the BEGINNING … Now what happened in the BEGINNING? Oh yes, I remember. No, don&';t remind me. I remember. It was a long time ago, it just took me a few seconds to call up that particular memory. Yes, I know, you all could tell it better. But I&';m telling this story.
The School of Godology - God 101
The School of
Godology &n-; God 101

Understanding God
the good, bad, & maniac
PG13 Rdng Lvl:5th Easy
God 101 &n-; is a course on What/Who God Is. Any person concluding that they know what/who God is, will fail. For information on How To Be God, take God 201. God 301 &n-; How To Be More Than God. God 401 &n-; Restating Our Understanding of God.
Just Like Down Home
Just Like Down Home
How Joel got his night
job in hell
G Rdng Lvl:4th Very Easy
Joel was having a wonderful evening. After work, he came home and shared a wonderful meal with his family. Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, Black-Eyed Peas, and a Mess O&'; Greens. The conversation with his wife Mariah and daughter Sydney was very joyful and uplifting.
Aumanil's: Three Paths - One History
Aumanil&';s: Three
Paths &n-; One History

Why does Evil always
PG13 Rdng Lvl:6th Easy
In the beginning, Torngasak called the Three to come forth. So, he opened the paths for the Anernerk, the Tonkrar, and the Neutara. Anernerk are similar to Angels, Neutara to Humans, and Tonkrar to Demons. Now the Tonkrar are about to destroy us. What will we do?

Spiritual Consulting / Speaking Topics

I&';m available to speak on the following spiritual topics. You may suggest others.
My Spiritual Life Just Got Weird
Loko Loko - Living in your Core - Inside the Inside
Jic Mayl - Wind&';s Up! Let&';s Go! &n-; From Shore to Shore, From Leaving Your Old Home to Arriving in Your New Home, expressed through words from an ancient onomatopoeian sailing language
The Beauty Path to Healing
Mystic Transitions

At times my wife and I provide joint Spiritual Consulting. Her strengths are listening, and healing through singing, touch, and movement. She will help you open to your own heart. My strengths are listening, being a teddy bear, being someone you can hold onto when you enter the unknown. I will help you open to your own knowledge.

I try to see the beauty in all things and in all people. I admit, sometimes that&';s not easy to do. When we enter into deep spiritual healing we can enter through the pain and longing, or through the beauty and love. I figure you&';ve been in pain around this issue long enough, why not go through the beauty. The reality is that most people will enter into deep spiritual healing through pain and longing because that is what&';s most present to them at the moment. If you&';re willing, I will try to help you surround yourself within and without with beauty and love, so that you can enter your deep healing through that path.
Some healers avoid the beauty path because many people who try and take that path veer off onto story and never get to the root. In my experience, people who go through pain also try and veer off onto story. Stories are ok. They&';re the way we take breaks. But we need to not stop there. Your healing wants to happen. It will do its darndest to not let you stay stuck in story (which is where you were before you decided to pursue this healing.)

Falling in Love with Yourself

The second principal that you&';ll encounter (after Beauty) in our Spiritual Consulting or Healing Sessions is Falling in Love with Yourself Over and Over and Over Again. This romance often includes falling in love with the Earth, with the Universe and all it has to offer, with Deep Love itself. Being continually immersed in Unconditional Love is one of the seven paths to becoming who you really are and is essential to retain your healing. The other paths are Unconditional Joy, Peace, Nourishing / Enriching / Sustaining / Refreshing, Patience, Kindness / Acceptance, Conviction / Follow Through / Empowerment. See my book Our Seven Brains at the start of this page for more info.

You are both UniK and OK

You are UniK / Unique. Luckily, you have lots in common with others. This allows you to have community. But true community isn&';t possible without some differences. Just because others in the community push your buttons doesn&';t mean you can&';t have deep relationships with them. It&';s like velcro &n-; their barbs are hooking into your fuzz. That will continue to happen until you heal your fuzz to the point that either you can see that their barbs are not really barbs or their barbs don&';t bother you. One of the best way to stop those barbs from always hurting you is to do as Byron Katie suggests and ask yourself, Why does it bother me so much?.
And remember that it&';s OK that you&';re UniK. And you&';re OK &n-; you just may not realize it yet.

Going Deep

If you come to us for Spiritual Consulting or Healing, we will go deep. At least that&';s our aim. Sometimes the Wind has something else in mind for your time with us, and we follow the Wind.

Learning who you Really Are

One of the main goals of Spiritual Consulting is to help people understand who they really are - your Path, your Persona, your Calling. Most of us have several innerselves. Often all of them are vying for position. All of them are wanting you to believe that they are how you really are. The trick is to start treating all of them as friends and to realize that you are all of them. There may be some things that you are, that you don&';t want to be. Those things may need some tweaks, but their truth is a part of you. Often we avoid being ourselves because we think that something is holding us back from being ourselves. And guess what, that thing that is holding us back is that we thing that something is holding us back.
We will help you discover your Path, Persona, and Calling. We will help you find both spiritual and practical ways to be yourself.
Life Purpose Quiz

Achieving your Dreams of Paradise

Ahhh! My own island in the tropics where I&';m surrounded by friends. We&';re saving the world and having a great time while we&';re at it.
Your Dream of Paradise probably goes something like that. I know mine does. This is the sixth principle that you&';ll encounter with us and is what we hope for you.
The first step is of course defining the dream. Is that really what you want? How can we specify it in more concrete terms? Just because your definition of your dream is well stated, doesn&';t mean it can&';t contain ideals. Of course it can, it&';s a dream!
After you have a good idea of what your dream is (you don&';t want to spend your entire life defining it), it&';s time to start living it. We&';ll help you figure out how. It&';s not so much about setting goals and deadlines and it is listening to where the dream is right now and allowing yourself to be in the same place.
It&';s about remembering that you are on that beach and that you don&';t have a care in the world. Your cares will take care of themselves, if you let them. That doesn&';t mean you won&';t have do you your part. But if you live your dreams, your part will be easy and it will be what you want to do.

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