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Outer Space, Aliens, Science Fiction intrigues me. These stories will speak to the space-farer and voyager in you. New worlds are out there waiting to be discovered by you.

Sci-Fi Books

These are my Sci-Fi books. Some of these books are Romances &heart;. These stories include outer space &y_space;, and may include wee people &y_weeone;, psi Ψ.

Cascadia Prime
Cascadia Prime
Relative of Bigfoot
travels into space
G Rdng Lvl:6th Easy
I can keep us hidden for an hour.
At first they hadn&';t believed him. General East and Hanini were younger and only believed in themselves. Besides, how could anyone his size stay hidden for an hour.
Viggo was 6 foot 22, as he liked to put it, and looked like a cross between a Viking and Sasquatch. As he saw it, hiding was their only option. Their pursuers were much faster than they. Their weapons would have been lethal if they weren&';t aimed so inaccurately.
Viggo stepped in front of General East and Hanini, stopped, and then disappeared. After 2 minutes, they still hadn&';t found him, so he came out of hiding long enough for them to follow him back in.
of my SciFi Books

Sci-Fi Books

These are my Sci-Fi books. Some of these books are Romances &heart;. These stories include outer space &y_space;, and may include wee people &y_weeone;, psi Ψ. Some are horror stories &y_horror;. Some focus on one or more colors &y_palette;. ᗆ indicates Young Adult. Some are top sellers &y_top;. All are excellent, some are gems &y_gem;
G/PG is Maturity Level followed by Reading Grade Level and Ease.

Ψ🐎 &y_gem;&y_space;
A Western SciFi
Aliens, Pecos Bill, Psi
PG13 Rdng Lvl:5th Easy
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You&';ll never guess who I seen riding across the range in this storm.
Nobody ventured a guess. They just looked around to assure themselves that they were all safe in the saloon.
Pecos Bill, that&';s who it was. He was just riding and riding.
I reckon he was chasin&'; down another tornado.
The Year Santa Claus Gave Gold
The Year Santa Claus
Gave Gold

PG13 Rdng Lvl:4th Very Easy
Facilitator LadeBack&';s Official report thru his computer Shrieky:
That was the year our All Cosmos Vehicle (ACV) crashed. We were circling the Earth, that old planet Terry. Or at least it looked like Terry. The planet looked like Terry, but there was a strange yellowish hue to it.
Shalomar: The Fall From Glory
Shalomar: The Fall
From Glory
crashes on alien planet
PG13 Rdng Lvl:5th Easy
Cast of Characters
Shalomar: Can you tell me where I can find some …?
Econ: Emir! Emir!
Shalomar: No, I&';m not the Emir.
Econ: Yes! The Emir just died and pointed to you. So now you are the Emir. Emir! Emir!
In the meantime, life for Shalomar was pretty good, living with Glo-Reta in Gariza.
Royal and Cream
Royal and Cream
Stuck in space
waiting for rescue
G Rdng Lvl:3rd Very Easy
Emal: Look pals. We couldn&';t move our v-shirp if we wanted to. The engine&';s shot.
Cream: Engine. Enjun. Motor. Engine-motor. Ah! Goer. Shot?!?!?
Emal (a little peeved): Yes, our goer is shot. It no longer works!
Cream: Their goer is shot. It no longer works. Ha! Ha! Ha!
Life Beacons
Life Beacons
Spaceship encounters a
different form of life
G Rdng Lvl:5th Easy
Lian thought about Jiang Li. He thought about how she had always been the only woman who ever interested him. Lian tried to think why other women didn&';t hold his interest. His thoughts kept going back to Jiang Li and the fact that she was the one who held his attention.
The Night the Stars Went Away
The Night the Stars
Went Away

Frank&';s Story
PG13 Rdng Lvl:6th Easy
The next day, my wife came in from outside, saying excitedly, Come out and look at all the stars. I grumbled. It had been in the 70&';s in Florida. Here in northern Minnesota, it was only in the 20&';s. I went outside to stand for a few freezing minutes, obligingly looking up at the stars.
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