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Children are some of my favorite people, no matter how old they are. These stories will speak to the child in you. Let that happy baby come alive!

Children&';s Books

These are my Children&';s books. These stories may include magic &y_magic;, wee people &y_weeone;, superheroes 𝕾, princesses &y_princess;, families &y_family;, time travel &y_timetravel;, food &y_food;. Some are Romances &heart;. Some focus on one or more colors &y_palette;.

Pavlik-Pavlik: The Sub-Bohemian
Pavlik-Pavlik: The Sub-Bohemian
The smallest superhero
G Rdng Lvl:6th Easy
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It had all started so innocently. The Toad was very old. He never knew just when it might be his last day. He was a very cautious Toad. So he was in no danger of being run over by a car. And there weren’t that many animals that ate Toads. And there weren’t any animals that ate Toads who were as old as he was. But, he might just drop dead some day. After all he was very old. In that frame of mind, he had eaten more food than usual last night; thinking that it may well have been his last supper. He was about to finish eating when he thought, Oh, just one more. So, he snagged a morsel out of the air with that Super-fantastic tongue of his. And, oh what a tasty morsel it was. More
of my Children&';s Books

Children&';s Books

These are my Children&';s books. These stories may include magic &y_magic;, wee people &y_weeone;, superheroes 𝕾, princesses &y_princess;, families &y_family;, time travel &y_timetravel;, food &y_food;. Some are Romances &heart;. Some focus on one or more colors &y_palette;. Some are gems &y_gem;.
G/PG is Maturity Level followed by Reading Grade Level and Ease.

The Kalikimaka Gate: The Christmas Gate
What could be better than being a keiki (kid) in Hawaii? I&';ll tell you what could be better, being a keiki in Hawaii who didn&';t live at mano (4000) ft. That&';s what. Being a keiki who lived on the beach in Hawaii. That would be better.
It was a long trip from our Alpaca Farm near Mauna Loa to the beach. Oooh, that water was cold at first. But soon we were swimming.
Run for your Life, The Huggers are Coming!
Run for your Life, The
Huggers are Coming!

Bob hates being hugged
G Rdng Lvl:2nd Very Easy
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Bob was having loads of fun playing in his yard with his best friend Dilly. Bob and Dilly had only been best friends for a few days. One day Dilly walked by and Bob had asked him, D&';’ya wanna play? Dilly said, Sure! They played Trucks and Hide & Seek and Tag and Trucks and Hide from the Invisible Monster and Chase and neat things like that.
Zuper Zero
Zuper Zero
A superhero with zero
G Rdng Lvl:4th Very Easy
Book 2: Red - Superhero Wife of Zuper Zero

Book 3: Zuper Zed - Superhero Child of Zuper Zero and Red

Book 4: Raven - Superhero Girlfriend of Zuper Zed

Cast of Characters
Dad: So, what does your Mom do to get you to go to sleep?
Son: C&';mon Dad, don’t you remember from last time?
Dad: Remind me.
Son: Well we have a party. We go downstairs and eat all the cake and ice cream we want. Then when our bellies are so full we can&';t stay awake, we go to bed. Or at least I do. I have no idea what Mom does after I go to bed.
Of Violet and Brunettes
Of Violet and Brunettes
The Princesses search
for a name
G Rdng Lvl:5th Easy
Violet and Brunettes were sitting in their chairs. The chairs were oversized for the girls, to say the least. Violet was six and Brunettes were four. Violet, as most in their Dynasty did, had violet hair. Brunettes&'; hair was auburn with a touch of gold. Perhaps when Brunettes grew older, their hair would turn violet. But, Violet doubted it with every last breath of her being.
Of Orchid and Dandelion: Presequel to Of Violet and Brunettes
Of Orchid & Dandelion
Presequel to Of Violet...

The Queen&';s story
G Rdng Lvl:5th Very Easy
A very long time ago, there were four little girls who were all about the same age. I was named Orchid, of course. I was the youngest. We were all very good friends. We played together all of the time. One day the Wise One said that we all had to choose who we were going to be when we grew up. I didn&';t want to grow up. I wanted to stay young forever and just play.
Of Violette and Aubergine: Sequel to Of Orchid and Dandelion
Of Violette & Aubergine
Sequel to Of Orchid...

Violet becomes Queen
G Rdng Lvl:4th Very Easy
It had been snowing for three months. It had been snowing every day. The Castle was covered in snow. Yet somehow light shone out of the windows and through the snow.
It wasn&';t a very bright light which shone out of the Castle and through the snow. But it was enough. And since it was the only light there was, it would have to do.
Danwe of the Vase
Danwe of the Vase
Danwe lived in a vase
He never left his vase
G Rdng Lvl:4th Very Easy
Danwe lived in a vase. It was not a regularly shaped vase. Danwe&';s vase had a tall cylindrical section. That is to say it was taller than it was wide. This section of the vase was similar in shape to a can of spam, but much nicer looking. When I say Danwe lived in a vase, I mean he lived in a vase. That is to say, he never left. He had lived here all his life, all by himself.
Capri The smartest girl
in school confronts a
G Rdng Lvl:5th Very Easy
The bottoms of her eyes drifted to the left as did her hair. This effect made her look sly. It was not a look she had coifed or sought out. It was the look she was born with. True, she could have combed her hair differently to lessen the effect. If she had combed her hair at all, it would have lessened the effect. Capri looked sly so people thought she knew things.
The Blessing Mores
The Blessing Mores
A wee people that
you&';ve never heard of
G Rdng Lvl:6th Very Easy
B. Manni is the oldest of the Blessing Mores. He spends most of his time at home alone. But once or twice a week, he goes out to a restaurant for a meal. When people hear B. Manni&';s songs, they just naturally bless somebody. But that&';s not his real magique. You might not experience the real magique until you see B. Manni in the restaurant.
The Piles Poem
The Piles Poem
Piles here, piles there,
piles piles everywhere
G Rdng Lvl:2nd Very Easy
Piles Here
Piles There
Piles, Piles

Piles of Clothes
Piles of Leaves
Piles of Rocks
Piles of E&';s

Also include my Children&';s Poems: Squiggly Swirl; Sweet as Pumpkin Pie; Turn into Zee&';s; and Butterfly Kisses
Ina Hurry
Ina Hurry
always had the rottenest
G Rdng Lvl:4th Very Easy
Ina Hurry sometimes felt like she had the rottenest luck. She knew she was going to have a very short childhood. That was what all the other kids on the playground said. And then, after her very short childhood was over, Ina Hurry would become an adult. Well, it was what the kids who mattered said &n-; the ones she wanted to be her friends. They were not her friends yet.
Moose Feather
Moose Feather
Davey moves to an
intentional community
G Rdng Lvl:5th Very Easy
Davey thought the other kids at The Community were very distant. Of course, Davey wasn&';t his community name. His community name was Moose Feather, but somehow he preferred Davey. Moose Feather was the community name given to him by the elders of The Community. Moose Feather didn&';t sound quite so bad when Chipmunk said it.
Prince Pugawulamukapee
in Trusvariankoponomy
G Rdng Lvl:6th Easy
Below the lichen, down under the moss, there is the magical land of Trusvariankoponomy. Here, where anything is possible, lives Prince Pugawulamukapee who can have anything he wants. But there&';s one wee problem. Prince Pugawulamukapee was greeted every morning by Leeb Leeben Kom Komono. But he didn&';t understand a word they said. And that was only part of his problem.
Moments of Myrth
Moments of Myrth
Poems and Short
G Rdng Lvl:4th Very Easy
• Journey to the Island of Hope
• Smile a While Like a Crocodyle
• The Flower of Your Heart
• That Boy Don&';t Care
• The Girl with the Pixies in her Hair
• The Legend of the Ice Elves
• Freckles
• The Children with the Rainbow Hearts
• Snow Angels
• Laffodils
The Scentful Skunk Classics and Other Timeless Tales
The Scentful Skunk
And Other
Timeless Tales
G Rdng Lvl:4th Very Easy
The Scentful Skunk Classics are two My Longest Words Poems told by Laughing Lynx.
• Migrate, Hibernate, and Oops Too Late
• Landscape, Xeriscape, and Transparent Tape

Also included are three Short Stories.
• A Deer Tail
• Coldilocks and the Three Brrrs
• The Snugly Snuckling
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