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The Writing Muse found a willing partner in me for 100 Titles and counting. I&';ll help you compose your thoughts into a story, your story into a book, and your book self-published for the world to see. Leave your legacy and touch on the world by getting your name in print.

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I write to bring life to stories. I write to let you experience that life! It&';s a great life, one that I think you&';ll really enjoy. These are stories in which you&';ll become your best, most powerful, most alive self.
I also write reference and self-help books, which are not boring and at times humorous. At the same time, they&';re simple to understand.
Why do you write? Why do you read?

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I write because I want to
I write because I can
I write both with an outline
And without a plan

My writing knows no genre
It crosses most of them
Throw in a little humor
And mayhap e&';en a poem

I write when I am able
And even when I&';m not
Asleep, Awake, or going berserk
My writing will not stop

Why People Say They Read My Books
They feel like they&';re right in the story.

My books are humorous &n-; some are very funny
My books are intriguing and so not boring

My stories are uplifting. They touch their hearts. They speak directly to them.

For a change of pace from most other books.

Because they tell stories that they need to hear.
They&';re definitely worth the read.

I would say that my writing style is rather unique &n-; a bit quirky, perhaps eccentric, definitely unconventional. My stories are uplifting, humorous, and touch the heart. People are drawn into my stories as though they are right there, experiencing it; perhaps even living the life of one of the characters.
My writing style is like the flight of a swallow. There may be tight twists and turns, but it&';s always delightful to watch and even more delightful to experience.
Clean Reads. Rated for maturity. Most are for all ages. Not formulaic, or boring, or full of sex and violence. Not weak stories that you wish would end soon. My stories don&';t leave you wondering why you ever started reading them in the first place.

Books by Family, Friends, and Colleagues

Some of these stories are Romances &heart;.
G/PG is Maturity Level followed by Reading Grade Level and Ease.

Cora's Journals
Cora's Journals
My grandma&';s story
by my mother

G Rdng Lvl:7th Medium
I have often wondered about where my parents and grandparents lived, and something about their lives. So I will write a few things about my life in case someone would want to know when I am gone to meet my precious Oscar, the best friend I have ever had.
Jimmy: A Son of Pioneers on the Western Prairies
Jimmy: A Son of

by my father
G Rdng Lvl:7th Medium
Like most young fellows, Jimmy found escape in a daydream. He had been sitting in his desk at school watching the frost grow on the window next to his seat. It was fascinating. He could see the frost grow in various patterns when he breathed on the window.
Inside the Rainbow
Inside the Rainbow
Living in Alaska
by Sandy Sinclair
PG Rdng Lvl:7th Easy
Sandy and Marie taught school in Alaska before it was a state. This is the legacy of their wild adventure.
In addition to teaching, Sandy became a bush pilot. They also ran a fishing company and raced dog sleds. They were protected through it all, inside the rainbow.
My Boat, My Vacation

My Boat, My Vacation

Boating S Puget Sound
by James Nugent
James Nugent is my Self-Publishing mentor. He has published over 100 books. I&';m catching up.
James books include topics like Boating South Puget Sound, Social Jujitsu, Get your Kid to Move Out, Being Catholic, Teaching, Anger Management
Unleash, Unlearn, and Enliven

Unleash, Unlearn, and

Somatic Practices
Cristy De La Cruz
You are tired of living like your wellbeing doesn&';t matter. You want to be valued for your gifts and strengths. You want to work in ways that honor your cycles of energy, and the rhythms that work best for you. Here are seven micro practices to engage your Somatic Wisdom.
Murder at Sunset Lodge

Murder at Sunset

Eric Perkins
A cleverly written murder mystery with multiple options for endings, including two double twist alternative endings.
This two-act murder mystery blends lighthearted entertainment with a classic Who done it? second act.

Get Published

Congratulations! You&';ve written your book. Or at least you&';re working on it. You could try to get it published by sending samples to publishers or by joining a writers&'; club, getting to know a writers&'; agent, and getting them to get your book to the publisher. Or you could self-publish it yourself. Amazon, Lulu, The Book Patch, and Blurb offer some of the best self-publishing platforms. Navigating those platforms is sometimes a bit tricky. It helps that I&';m a computer guru and that I have self-published 100+ books. You can hire me to do the entire self-publishing thing, or you can hire me to help you with the tricky bits.

Self-Publishing Consulting Example: You contact me to find out how to get started self-publishing your book. You put your story into a Word Document and send it to me to format it for self-publishing. When I&';m done, I send it back for you to upload to the publishing site. I help you find the best category. Voila, you have a paperback book published. Next, we get started on the e-book. Pretty soon, your e-book is available. Then we turn it into an audio book. Audio books take longer because narrators have to complete their work and then there&';s a quality check. But before you know it, you&';ll have an audio book on the market.

I can help you self-publish your book as a paperback, e-book, and audio book.

I promote fantastic stories (those which are not run-of-the-mill) at Seven Star Stories.

Microsoft Word Helps for Writers &n-; Writer&';s Friend

My Experience / Speaking Topics

I&';m available to speak on the following self-publishing related topics. You may suggest others.
Formatting your Book for Self-Publishing
How to Make Your Book Long Enough
Letting a Story be Written Through You
Telling Your Deep Dark Secrets
Self-Publishing - Advantages/Disadvantages
Final Edits

I have written close to 100 books in many categories/genres: Spiritual; Environmental; Computer; other Reference including Food/Nutrition; Romance; Poetry; Children&';s; Fantasy; Fiction; and Science Fiction. Most of my books fall into multiple categories like Western Sci-fi, Fantasy Romance, Sci-Fi Fantasy, etc. Somehow I have decided which is the major category and have placed them within that category on this website. Click on a book to buy it.
Most of my books are rated G, a few are PG. Reading level is usually Easy or Very Easy and between 3rd and 6th grade. My reference books sometimes are 7th or 8th grade reading. I still try to keep things simple even when they get technical in nature. My books are not formulaic. They are not run of the mill or like every book out there. My books are not boring, usually contain dry humor, are uplifting. And I might like them best because I have a short attention span and they still keep me engaged to the end of the book. It might help that they&';re short and concise.
I have self-published most of my books as paperbacks and e-books. I have also self-published the majority of them as audio books. Besides self-publishing my own books, I have also helped others self-publish their books. Feel free to contact me, especially if you&';re wondering if I have a book on something in particular or you are looking for volume discounts.

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