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The Writing Muse found a willing partner in me for 80 Titles and counting. I&';ll help you compose your thoughts into a story, your story into a book, and your book self-published for the world to see. Leave your legacy and touch on the world by getting your name in print.

Congratulations! You&';ve written your book. Or at least you&';re working on it. You could try to get it published by sending samples to publishers or by joining a writers&'; club, getting to know a writers&'; agent, and getting them to get your book to the publisher. Or you could self-publish it yourself. Amazon, Lulu, The Book Patch, and Blurb offer some of the best self-publishing platforms. Navigating those platforms is sometimes a bit tricky. It helps that I&';m a computer guru and that I have self-published 90 books. You can hire me to do the entire self-publishing thing, or you can hire me to help you with the tricky bits. Keep reading for an example of how this might work.

I can help you self-publish your book as a paperback, e-book, and audio book.

I promote fantastic stories (those which are not run-of-the-mill) at Fantastic Stories for You. For short and sweet stories, see Short-N-Sweet-N-Succulent Stories.

Microsoft Word Helps for Writers &n-; Writer&';s Friend

I&';m available to speak on the following self-publishing related topics. You may suggest others.
Formatting your Book for Self-Publishing
How to Make Your Book Long Enough
Letting a Story be Written Through You
Telling Your Deep Dark Secrets
Self-Publishing - Advantages/Disadvantages
Final Edits

Self-Publishing Consulting Example: You contact me to find out how to get started self-publishing your book. You put your story into a Word Document and send it to me to format it for self-publishing. When I&';m done, I send it back for you to upload to the publishing site. I help you find the best category. Voila, you have a paperback book published. Next, we get started on the e-book. Pretty soon, your e-book is available. Then we turn it into an audio book. Audio books take longer because narrators have to complete their work and then there&';s a quality check. But before you know it, you&';ll have an audio book on the market.

I have written over 80 books in many categories/genres: Spiritual; Environmental; Computer; other Reference including Food/Nutrition; Romance; Poetry; Children&';s; Fantasy; Fiction; and Science Fiction. Most of my books fall into multiple categories like Western Sci-fi, Fantasy Romance, Sci-Fi Fantasy, etc. Somehow I have decided which is the major category and have placed them within that category on this website. Click on a book to buy it.
My books are clean. They are not formulaic. They are not run of the mill or like every book out there.
I have self-published most of my books as paperbacks and e-books. I have also self-published the majority of them as audio books. Besides self-publishing my own books, I have also helped others self-publish their books. If you&';re looking for something in particular or are looking for volume discounts, .

These are some of the narrators of my audio books

Some of these stories are Romances &heart;.

Poems that Make You Smile
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The Dzhardes: The Horror Beyond Hell
The Dzhardes:
The Horror
Beyond Hell
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Cora's Journals
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