Gnu Gnormal

The New Normal

Hi, my name&';s Gnormal and I&';m a Gnu. I&';m here to tell you what the New Normal will look like. You can take my word for it. But you don&';t have to. Just look around.

Balance the imbalanced
Protect the vulnerable
Speak the unspoken
Celebrate all!


Living in a Pandemic is the new normal. Yes, vaccines are rolling out. Yes, new variants of COVID-19 are surfacing. Social distancing and masks might be going away, but some will still observe those customs. Remote meetings via Zoom or some other app will continue. Some office buildings will no longer house office workers. They may house the homeless or they may be turned into warehouses. Remote work will continue to be a way of life for many.
Even if we are able to interact in close quarters again, even if we can embrace, the new normal is that we will connect more through the heart and less through physical interaction. Who are you going to connect with? How will you open your heart?

Black Lives Matter

We will value more the lives of those who mattered less to society. This includes all people of color. This includes those who perform menial labor. This includes those who serve and support us. While we may still wish to be rich, we will want wealth to help the less fortunate. Who are you going to serve or support with your wealth? How are you going to value their lives?

Climate Change Reversal

Climate Change has been brought to the forefront. 2020 saw the most tropical storms ever, some of which were very destructive. Greta Thunberg and other activists made sure that Climate Change was central in our minds. Climate Change has broken our lack of desire for change. The only way forward is to reverse the effects of Climate Change. How are you going to help?

Now is the time to embrace this transition. We all have a chance to help the world be a better place. There&';s no going back. The only way is forward.

Well, that&';s the world&';s new normal. But what about you? What will your new normal be? How will you make it a reality? If you&';re looking for help, ask my friend Dale Stubbart. He helps people. I help wild beasts.

Other Trends:
Electric Car sales up, Gas Car sales down
People forming living bubbles. In order to have non-remote interaction with others, people are forming bubbles. These used to be called intentional communities. People are also moving in with each other to save money, often because jobs are rare.
A new economy. The stock market is up, yet more people are out of work. The number of jobs may increase again, but people are finding other ways to make and save money. Many are fixing up their homes, rather than selling them. Some are fixing up their homes and selling them.
Less Clutter. People are clearing the clutter out of their lives. A lot of people are getting rid of things they don&';t need. At times, it is hard to find places to give stuff away. This, even though others are in need. We&';re not only getting rid of things, we&';re ending relationships. We&';re filling our lives with more fulfilling things.
Overcoming shock and trauma. It&';s hard. We find ourselves experiencing shock and trauma almost every day. Even when we&';re not experiencing them, they&';re in the air, all around. We&';re finding ways to get past that. We&';re finding ways to drag ourselves out of that depression. We must if we&';re to survive.

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