Dale Stubbart

Earthwise Expert

Walking softly on my Mother Earth, I am at peace. I&';ll help you get in sync with your green lifestyle. Together, we can renew the Earth for future generations. And help you meet your sustainable triple bottom line.

My Environmental Books cover a variety of topics including Transportation, Travel, Toxic Chemicals (and Chemical Sensitivities), and Computers.

My Environmental Resource Directories

MCS-Escape: Resource for escaping from ever present Toxic Chemicals
Green Directory

Electric Car Concierge

Need help deciding which Electric Car or other Electric Vehicle (EV) to buy for yourself or your fleet? See my Electric Car Concierge website. I&';m also available if you&';re just looking. I don&';t sell Electric Cars. I just research them.

Sustainability Reports

These used to be called Triple-Bottom Line Reports. The three bottom lines being social, environmental, and financial impacts. I was once part of a group of small business owners who were trying to determine what their triple-bottom line was. I developed a spreadsheet to help people track what was important to them in their triple bottom line. Various people and companies use various means to achieve their triple-bottom line.
I can help you understand what&';s most inportant to you in each of these areas by listening to you and helping you sort it out.I can help you research options for making impact, though you probably already know many of your own desires in that area. Many companies sort through their data to help them plan and create their sustainability report. I have spent many years working with data and can help in that regard also.

Earthwise Transitions

Environmental Consulting often involves compliance with environmental regulations. What I&';m offering instead, is my wisdom, knowledge, and research which will help you or your group or company become more environmentally friendly. I&';ll have you find solutions to save the Earth. This type of consulting is often call Green Consulting or Green Lifestyle Consulting.

I can help provide answers to these and other environmental questions: What&';s my Green Lifestyle? Which electric car (EV) should I buy? How can I save paper? What is my backyard trying to do? Where can I find less toxic resources?

I&';m often called on for help with ideas and solutions. I can help you get through stumbling blocks which keep you from coming up with a workable solution, one that fits your green style. I&';ll probably come up with at least two or three ideas. One of those might work for you or it might help you see the solution you were looking for. I can help you formulate your idea &n-; spell it out for others to understand. And I can help you step through your solution to catch and work out any kinks it might have.

I&';m available to help Governments, Businesses, Schools, Non-Profits, and Individuals become more environmentally sustainable. Together we&';ll figure out options which are right for you and figure out how to best implement them.

Speaking Topics

I&';m available to speak on the following earthwise topics. You may suggest others.
Living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities
Going Fragrance Free
Electric Cars
Listening to the Earth

My Environmental &y_earth; Books

Some of these books include Food &y_food;, Travel &y_travel;, and Cars &y_car;. All are excellent, some are gems &y_gem;. G/PG is Maturity Level followed by Reading Grade Level and Ease.

Backyard Paradise
Turning Your Backyard
into Nature&';s Paradise

While having fun!
G Rdng Lvl:6th Easy
In your Backyard&';s transition to becoming Nature&';s Paradise, the first thing you&';ll want to do is rebuild the soil. Next: Incorporate a Play Area.
Thickets, Fences, Spacing, Permeability.
Listen to what your Backyard wants to do.
Listen to other family members.
What Would Terry Do
What Would Terry Do?
Humor while living with
Chemical Sensitivities
G Rdng Lvl:6th Easy
Join Audible and Buy
Just for example, suppose you&';re in a health food store trying to decide which brand of soymilk to try.
WWJD &n-; Jesus would Love. But no Love Soy Milk
WWXD &n-; Xena would Kick Butt, no Kick Butt Soy Milk either. Wish there was.
WWTD &n-; Terry would buy West Soy Original
Our approach removes toxic chemicals in stages. The most toxic ones are removed first. Our approach also cleans up the most important rooms first. Our plan starts with the bedroom since that&';s where you spend at least 6-8 hours per day. We hope you get that much sleep.
Tactic #1 – Ban all Toxic Chemicals
Well, that idea went over like a lead balloon. Congress got behind it a negative 100%. The industries which sell all these chemicals was not in the least bit happy. Etc., etc. If I were in charge, I&';d ban all toxic chemicals in products.
43 Miles Per Gallon
43 Miles per Gallon
Hypermiling Techniques
to save gas & money
G Rdng Lvl:6th Easy
I bought a Toyota Echo in 2003. The dealer told me it got 41 miles per gallon (mpg). It still gets 41mpg, though I&';ve been able to squeeze 43mpg out of it, even though the EPA rates it at only 36mpg (freeway), 30mpg (city).

This book tells how I get such good gas mileage.
The Xybrid Vehicle
The Xybrid Vehicle
Expanding on the
G Rdng Lvl:8th Medium
Xybrid Vehicles kick things up a notch from Hybrids. They include several Hybrid technologies which are not normally included in cars, reducing the dependence on that gasoline engine more and more and more.
Solar Power
Wind Power
Select Your Electric Car
Select Your Electric Car
Choose which EV is
correct for you
G Rdng Lvl:4th Very Easy
Why should I buy an EV?
A) It will save you money B) You will help save the Earth C) You&';ll be cool D) You&';ll be a trendsetter and influence others
E) You&';ll feel good about yourself
F) You will have more time
M) It is illegal to run out of gas in Youngstown, OH.
EV Electric Vehicles Come Home
EV-Electric Vehicles
Come Home

Electric Cars on 🌎
G Rdng Lvl:6th Easy
Combining humor, sci-fi, plus research about Electric Cars around the world. There are many brands and styles to choose from. Range is usually sufficient for your daily commute. Prices vary widely, but usually there&';s something in your price range. Cars, planes, etc. And an Eskateboard!
The 1/2 Lot Project: A 5,000 Sq Ft Life
The 1/2 Lot Project:
A 5,000 Sq Ft Life

Design your small home
G Rdng Lvl:7th Easy
You might think it will be impossible to fit your family into this small of a lifestyle. While we want to reduce the living space, we also want to make it a living space. We&';ll be looking at new ways to get the most use out of that 525 sq ft of living space. And we’ll be looking at ways to make the space feel larger.
Saving the Earth One Beard at a Time
Saving the Earth One
Beard at a Time

To shave or not to shave
G Rdng Lvl:6th Easy
ebook, audiobook
So, who told you you have to shave? It was almost half a century ago, but I remember it as clearly as yesterday. Maybe more clearly. Dad said, There&';s a razor in the bathroom downstairs, use it. I was 13 and my beard was coming in just fine. There was a razor, but no instructions.

Beard Styles.

See IT / Computer Consulting for my Environmental Computer Books

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