Dale Stubbart

IT / Computer Consultant

Computers are second nature to me. I&';ll help you use computers and data to communicate, stay organized, solve problems, and make your dreams of Paradise come true. Think of it as Computer Obedience Training from the Expert with 40 years of experience.

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Let computers assist you and perform tasks for you. Let them make your job easier.
My specialty is helping you and your computer work together as a team. I have a proven track record in Computer Consulting with Individuals, Non-Profits, and all types of Businesses. I am a Team Builder, Innovator, & Expert in many areas.
I have many years of experience helping businesses and individuals transition their computers in various areas including web presence and databases.

I work with computers because problem solving intrigues me and computers can simplify that. I understand how programming languages work. This helps me work in several different programming languages, though I prefer the simpler, more people-friendly ones. I personally use computers to help me communicate, stay organized, do research, and stay informed. Why do you use computers? How can I help, even if you don&';t use computers?

Sustainability Reports

These used to be called Triple-Bottom Line Reports. The three bottom lines being social, environmental, and financial impacts. I was once part of a group of small business owners who were trying to determine what their triple-bottom line was. I developed a spreadsheet to help people track what was important to them in their triple bottom line. Various people and companies use various means to achieve their triple-bottom line.
I can help you understand what&';s most inportant to you in each of these areas by listening to you and helping you sort it out.I can help you research options for making impact, though you probably already know many of your own desires in that area. Many companies sort through their data to help them plan and create their sustainability report. I have spent many years working with data and can help in that regard also.

Who Hires Me

Individuals usually hire me to build a website, help them learn an app like Word or Excel, and to help them organize and speed up their computer.
Non-Profits, Small Businesses & Schools usually bring me in as a consultant to help with their data, manage their website, organize their computers, and help them figure out their triple-bottom line.
Governments and Large Businesses usually bring me in to work with their data. This may be migrating the data to a new system, reporting on the data, cleansing the data, making the data more easily accessible.
Individuals, Non-Profits & Small Businesses typically pay me by the hour for the hours I work. Schools, Governments, and Large Businesses typically contract with me for the length of their project.

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My Open Source Libraries

Expressive Websites
Javascript Library
Website Color Helps Unicode Symbols
The Code behind Emojis
Writer&';s Friend Microsoft Word Macros for Writers
Password Generator
Excel Download

My Computer Books

These stories may be Romances &heart;. Some are Earthwise &y_earth;, top sellers &y_top;. All are excellent, some are gems &y_gem;.
G/PG is Maturity Level followed by Reading Grade Level and Ease.

There are various types of consulting firms. It doesn’t matter what type of consulting firm you work for, the basics are still the same. In many ways, Consulting is similar to being employed at the Client. But, Consultants usually start each project with a new Client.
What is a right-brained computer? 1st: What&';s its story? If you&';re left-brained, a computer&';s story tends to be its current state. If you&';re right-brained, the story tends to be its history and purpose. 2nd: How do I use it? 3rd: How do we interact?
A Greener Printer
How to discover your
G Rdng Lvl:7th Medium
There are three things that make a printer green: the paper; the energy used; and the ink. I’ll address those things in that order, more or less. The easiest way to make your paper usage greener: use less paper. Greening your energy usage by using a low energy printer.
If you create websites and if you want to save energy, this book is for you. This book will explain how to design and code your website to use less energy when users browse it.
So, if a lot of users are browsing you’re website that will save a lot of energy. Quick, get more users!
Hi5ive - The Simplest Computer Language
Hi5ive - The Simplest
Computer Language

G Rdng Lvl:9th Simple Tech
Every computer has to have a Language in which to write the applications and operating system. It would be nice if that Language were simple enough to use that you could whip up a little application to do simple or complex things in a matter of minutes.
A Meta-Language
This books explains the programming (CSS and Javascript) needed to include various fonts and special characters on your website. Use Emojis, HTML5 Canvas, and SVG for special characters.
A Macro is provided to convert text in Word to HTML.
Ribo Quadrilobe
This is a reverse Mystery in which nobody dies.
My name is Ribo Quadrilobe. I am the Investigator on Case 3457 PS 007.
If found guilty, Dr. Harvester will surely be in violation of World Directive #40 (WD40) which keeps spiritual practices such as healing, separate from physical practices such as medicine.

Experience / Speaking Topics

IT Expert for 40 years. IT Consultant 35 years. Utility Industry 25 years. State and Local Government 7 years. Worked at 40 Companies in 15 Industries. Analyst 30 years. Project Manager 10 years. IT is short for Information Technology. Colloquially, it is short for Computer.

I&';m available to speak on the following computer topics. You may suggest others.
Right-Brained Computers
Energy Saving Websites
Tree-Free and Tree-Friendly Computer Paper and/or Printers
Expressive Websites
Designing Websites for People
Communicating with Non-Programmers

20 years experience with conversion / migration / upgrades of data, applications, databases, programming languages, and computer platforms. Experience retiring old systems and business protocols.
20 years experience with CC&B (Oracle Customer Care and Billing for Utilities). 4 years experience with CR&B (SAP Customer Relations and Billing for Utilities). Experience converting between these two systems.
10 years experience writing interfaces between applications, platforms, & databases.
I have worked in and am equally comfortable in several roles: Team Builder, Innovator, Versatile Expert, Solution Adviser, Developer, Technical Architect, Technical Lead, Analyst, Project Manager, Manager, Lead, Trainer of Pro-grammers, Webmaster, and others. I work where needed.

My current niche is providing expertise for Utility companies converting or upgrading their Customer Service Software to Oracle&';s CC&B package or to SAP&';s CR&B package. I work mainly on the Technical, Analysis, and Design sides; but can also work on the Functional and Management sides of the project. I have worked for 10 Utilities and have many happy customers.
I love conversion projects. I love to travel both within US and Internationally. I enjoy working on projects which benefit people and the planet. If it has to do with data – conversion, manipulation, mining, etc., I&';m probably a great fit.
If you have a contract opening which would benefit from my skills and expertise, please contact me via the contact info at the top of this page. If you hear of another contract opening for which I would be suitable, please refer me.

Thank you
Dale Stubbart

Companies like me and they like my work
Tucson Electric Power (TEP) brought me in as a consultant for 6 months to boost a project along. My contract was extended for another 11 years, both locally in AZ and remotely from CO after we moved there.
They liked that I was a team player and that I was an expert in their systems. They liked my creative ideas for handling problems. I helped them convert their Customer Service System to CISPlus. They liked how I quickly became an expert in the new system. TEP liked how I kept the project on schedule, helping the teams who were behind schedule to catch up. They liked how I was able to take on various roles, including stepping in as project manager for part of the project
A few years later, TEP called me back to help lead the conversion from CIS+ to CC&B. They called me back a few more times after that. I have consulted with TEP for 17 years.

A few years later, Idaho Power (IPC) brought me in as a data conversion consultant to help lead their conversion from CIS+ to CR&B. In the first few meetings, key players from IPC would state &l";This is impossible&r";. I would state how I&';d done this before at TEP and other com-panies. Later those key players would call me aside and say &l";I&';m glad you&';re here. We really need you.&r";
Later I learned that IPC had asked TEP how they had manage to accomplish the impossible. TEP said, &l";We couldn&';t have done it without Dale&r";, meaning me.

In my 40 years as an IT expert, I have worked for 33 companies who were very pleased with my work and with how I communicated and got along with others to make the team and the product better.
They liked how I created solutions when none were apparent. They liked how I brought projects in on time or straightforwardly told them why a project couldn&';t be completed in their estimated timeframe.

I have a BS in Computer Science and have earned the following Computer Certificates: Web Developer – Client Side/Database, Web Development Concepts, HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, VBScript, Java, Oracle Developer, SQL, PL/SQL, RDBMS Concepts, Visual Basic, Access, COBOL, CICS, Natural, IMS, JCL, Programming Concepts, Web Design, & Computer Industry Knowledge

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