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Come with me on the Deep Path, the one which has substance. Join me in Deep Listening, Deep Consulting, Deep Solutions, and Deep Conversations. Let&';s go deep where the answers abound. Let&';s get answers for a lifetime.

We want to listen to the entire question. Then we want to respond with the entire answer. These answers will not only solve problems in the here and now, they will solve them for many generations. Let&';s have fun while we&';re at it.

Let&';s make this as easy as it wants to be. , and at . Let&';s find the solution!, even if you&';re stuck.

Hi there, Aloha, Namaste, Salaam, Shalom, Om Shanti, Avexeni, jicMaylc. I&';m a Consultant specializing in breakthrough problem solving. I&';m the Author of 100+ books, and an Electric Car Concierge. I combine deep listening with gentle power.
I like helping people. I prefer to help people who are helping others and the earth. Contact me. Let&';s see if we can work together to bring about a better world. Often that better world starts with you.

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Zaytohl&';s Vision: The Zelding Are On the Move

Young Zaytohl was practicing being invisible. And that's when he saw the Zelding's Treasure Chests MovingYoung Zaytohl was practicing being invisible. And that&';s when he saw the Zelding's Treasure Chests Moving

This is my 116th boook

Zaytohl is a young Cyatkwhoo (Whistling Ones of the Woods). He&';s too young to be able to make himself completely invisible. Still, he practices. One day, he disappears completely and then some, for he&';s able to see the Zelding moving their treasure. Actually, he only sees the treasure chests. Zelding are as invisible to Cyatkwhoo are Cyatkwhoo are to Humans (even when the Cyatkwhoo aren&';t practicing making themselves invisible.
Zaytohl is called before the Council. Unfortunately his dad is on the Council. And none of the Council believe his story. Elfadang is the only Council member who is kind. Even though he doesn&';t believe Zaytohl&';s story. He tells him to go follow the Zelding. What harm can come of it?
Well, it&';s not long before all of the Cyatkwhoo are following Zaytohl, even though most of them don&';t believe he is following the Zelding. They just have to be travelling with him for some reason.

Just about then, Zeffrim, a young Human sees the Cyatkwhoo. And just about then, a big snow storm comes which keeps Zeffrim separate from the Cyatkwhoo.

In this story, you&';ll also meet some Ancient Ones who protect and guide their peoples.

Zaytohl's Vision: The Zelding Are On the Move
Zaytohl's Vision: The Zelding Are On the Move

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