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We want to listen to the entire question. Then we want to respond with the entire answer. These answers will not only solve problems in the here and now, they will solve them for many generations. Let&';s have fun while we&';re at it.

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Hi there, Aloha, Namaste, Salaam, Shalom, Om Shanti, Avexeni, jicMaylc. I&';m a Consultant specializing in breakthrough problem solving. I&';m the Author of 100+ books, and an Electric Car Concierge. I combine deep listening with gentle power.
I like helping people. I prefer to help people who are helping others and the earth. Contact me. Let&';s see if we can work together to bring about a better world. Often that better world starts with you.

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Your Plan to Save the Earth

What is your plan to save the earth? How are you going to cut back on pollution? Do you have a Triple Bottom Line report? I can help.

Paul Hawken recently asked his audience what their plan was to make sure global temperatures didn&';t rise too much. His audience believed that something should be done about that. Very few, if any had a plan.
We expect Governments to make plans like this. We expect large businesses to make plans like this. But do we have individual plans? If we have a small business, does it have a plan?

My plan, I&';ll have to admit it, is to be extreme ecological-wise in ways that I can be extreme and to be earthwise (aware of ways that can help save the Earth). That&';s not a very concrete plan. Nevertheless, I&';ve developed plans to help small companies and individuals come up with a plan. And, in my computer career, I&';ve done lots of analysis and written lots of reports. So, I can help you be more specific with your plan. If you don&';t want to be specific, we can just explore what your interests really are. That way you can focus on them and not feel quite so guilty when you see something else that maybe you should be doing to Save the Earth.

Little things can help. I wrote a book called Saving the Earth One Beard at a Time, Whether you have one or not. It discuses how even varying the way you shave or not shaving can help Save the Earth.

Paul Hawken is the Editor of Drawdown - The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming. This book looks at the 100 most helpful solutions. These solutions are already working, they just need to be implemented on a larger scale. #4 and #5 most achievable solutions at the time the book was written had to do with helping women. If these were combined, they would have been #1.
The current #1 solution for 1.5C temperature rise is Onshore Wind Turbines. #1 solution for 2C temperature rise is Reduced Food Waste.
It&';s pretty easy for everyone to reduce food waste. However, the easiest way to do that is to eat more. And that usually causes other problems. When I owned a home, I could dump the food waste into a worm bin. This created compost that I could put on my garden or yard. Food waste was also collected with yard waste and turned into compost or energy. That&';s no longer the case. So, I try to freeze food if it&';s going to spoil. I try to not put more on my plate than I&';m going to eat. I can always go for seconds, especially of dessert. And that&';s more fun.
Having my own wind turbine is not possible. If I owned my home, I could add a Windmill for Wind Power. I live in Hawaii where we let the wind cool us, rather than A/C. Fans help. I could invest in stock of Wind Power companies. There are small battery backup solutions which can get energy from a Solar Panel. I could use one of those while renting. Perhaps there&';s a similar setup with a small windmill.

If you haven&';t read Drawdown yet, you should buy it and at least read the first few chapters. See which solutions appeal to you most. That will be the start of your plan &n-; I&';m going to focus more on these solutions. Once you&';ve done that, go back through the solutions and see which ones will save you money. Yeah, now we&';re talking! Add those to your plan. For instance, you might plan to buy an Electric Car. Not because it will save the Earth (yes that&';s a nice reasone), but because it will save you money. Just think of all the gas you won&';t have to buy. Just think of all the maintenance that won&';t have to be done.

I created spreadsheets for individuals and small businesses to figure out what their triple-bottom line was. A financial triple-bottom line balances your books three ways (and no, not be keeping two sets of books). The first line is the financial balance. Hopefully, it&';s not in the red. The second line is social impact. Are you supporting society? How? Are you meeting your goals? The third line is for the earth. You can&';t create a triple-bottom line report if you don&';t know what&';s included in the report and how to score it. That&';s what those spreadsheets or for. Knowing how to score things can also give depth to the financial balance. Yes, we&';re in the red. But we greatly invested in research and our employees this year. That will pay off in the next few years. And we have a plan to be in the black next year.
Once you know the parameters of what you&';re reporting, they can be applied, and a triple-bottom line report can be produced. You might bring in someone like myself to help you with this.

Maybe you don&';t need a triple-bottom line report. Maybe, you just need a written document that says, these are my areas of focus. And this is how I&';m going to work within these areas to help slow down global climate change. I think that it&';s also important to set some goals or guidelines. What do you want to accomplish by what date? When is enough, enough? For instance, buying one electric car, is probably enough. Remember, balance is important.

Paul Hawken has a new book out. It&';s on my wishlist, hint, hint. Regeneration &n-; Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation.
Wow!, is that even possible? Are we already doing this? Where was I when this was starting to happen? Why didn&';t anyone tell me?
Well, I still have a chance to participate. And if I work my plan, there&';s even less chance that I will miss out on this great opportunity. We can be the ones!

So, what&';s my #1 thing to do to save the Earth? I investigate and report. Mostly by writing books and articles like this one.

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Save the Earth

Save the Earth
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