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Come with me on the Deep Path, the one which has substance. Join me in Deep Listening, Deep Consulting, Deep Solutions, and Deep Conversations. Let&';s go deep where the answers abound. Let&';s get answers for a lifetime.

We want to listen to the entire question. Then we want to respond with the entire answer. These answers will not only solve problems in the here and now, they will solve them for many generations. Let&';s have fun while we&';re at it.

Let&';s make this as easy as it wants to be. , and at . Let&';s find the solution!, even if you&';re stuck.

Hi there, Aloha, Namaste, Salaam, Shalom, Om Shanti, Avexeni, jicMaylc. I&';m a Consultant specializing in breakthrough problem solving. I&';m the Author of 100+ books, and an Electric Car Concierge. I combine deep listening with gentle power.
I like helping people. I prefer to help people who are helping others and the earth. Contact me. Let&';s see if we can work together to bring about a better world. Often that better world starts with you.

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Expressive Websites

Easy ways to make your website reflect your personality or that of your company

Suppose you want to use curly quotes on your website. You can do that easily enough. Just type ‘ for a left single quote. For a right single quote or an apostrophe, change the l to r. For double quotes, change the s to d. That&';s not all that complicated. Yet, there&';s a simpler way to do this. Add my javascript library to your website - takes 5 lines of cut-and-paste code. Then type &'; for that curly apostrophe. For a left single quote, place a l before '. For a right single quote, place an r before ', or not. Right single quotes are apostrophes. For double quotes, replace ' with ".
&___; is an entity. HTML has several. My javascript library adds more. Mine are easier to remember. HTML has tags like <div>. My javascript library adds of few of those like <indent> which indents text 1em (1 character width).
Need color functions, emoji, accented characters, social media buttons, forms, graphs, simple graphics? You guessed it! My javascript library to the rescue.

You can find that library and instructions on how to use it here. Still, there are so many functions, that I decided to place them all in a book. I explain things well on my website. I explain them even better in the book. If you&';re not a programmer, you&';ll want the book. My book &n-; Expressive Websites &n-; also explains additional topics of how to make your website expressive that are not included in my javascript library.

Expressive Websites Book
Expressive Websites - The Book

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